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Welcome to LED Enviroworks: Let’s Create a Brighter Future Together
Are you considering making a switch to LED lighting in your office or facility? Want to know how much money you could save in energy and maintenance costs by replacing traditional HID & fluorescent bulbs? Just want to make a positive difference in the environment while lowering your operating expenses?
LED Enviroworks can help with all of that, and a lot more.
Created by a team of lighting designers and progressive thinkers, our company isn’t just another source for lighting or equipment – we are a source for LED consulting, cutting-edge lighting technology, and better business. We have quickly become one of North America’s fastest-growing LED providers because we stick to one simple mission: helping our customers to find the very best, customized, efficient, and environmentally friendly answers in a one-on-one setting.
So, if you’re looking for cheap, mass-produced low quality LED lights, or an online catalog with thousands of products, then search elsewhere. But if you’re looking for real-world answers from a lighting partner who puts your business first, then you’re in the right place.
Feel free to browse our site to find more information on our company and products. Or, if you want to ask a question or get started with a lighting consultant right away, you can reach us immediately at 303-810-6867. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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    • Thumb 1Local Mall Entryway Project
    • Thumb 1LED Retrofit for Car Dealership
    • Thumb 1Acura Dealership Moves to LED
    • Thumb 1Office Building Moves from T12 to Our LED T8 tube
    • Thumb 1City Parking Garage Tries LED
    • Thumb 1Dealership/ 79% Energy Reduction in Lighting

What We Sell

Durable American Made Commercial LED Lighting Products … READ MORE


Custom Fixtures

If you’re trying to match your lighting fixtures to a certain decor and can’t find anything you like, we can design and manufacture exactly what you want and power it with long life LEDs. Whether you need one fixture or 10,000+ units, we can fulfill your order.


Why choose LED lighting over other “green” lighting?

Mercury Free ◊ UV Free ◊ Environmentally Friendly LED Enviroworks products do not use mercury to produce light. If a bulb breaks, there is no threat of mercury gas or solids exposure. LED’s Do Not Give Off Harmful UV Radiation … READ MORE

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