LED Lighting for Architects

When you are designing the buildings of tomorrow, doesn’t it make sense to incorporate the best technology we have today? At LED Enviroworks, we certainly think so, which is why we work directly with leading architects to design spaces that are safer, energy-efficient, and more productive for the people using them.
What a lot of people who are new to LED lighting don’t realize is that it’s not just about energy efficiency, but also aesthetics and quality. That’s because with modern LED lighting, you simply get more than traditional lighting. You have more color and lumen control, more consistent color and lumen specs throughout the lifespan of the product, and LED’s can last more than 10 times as long. That makes it a natural choice in new buildings of all sizes, from small office spaces to larger industrial facilities.
Best of all, integrating LED lighting schemes into new designs is simple. Because they are higher output and more efficient, they typically require fewer fixtures in a given space. Combine that with the energy savings and environmental benefits, and you have the formula for smarter buildings and happier owners or tenants.
To find out how you can take advantage of LED lighting for better architecture, get in touch with us today and speak to one of our lighting consultants. We’ll be happy to look at existing plans or answer any questions you have.

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