Environmental Impact

Why choose LED lighting over other “green” lighting?


Because LEDs are BETTER.

You can save 40-50% more energy over fluorescent.

They last longer, some of our products have 10 year warranties.

LED’s are Mercury Free ◊ UV Free ◊ Environmentally Friendly

If a bulb breaks, there is no threat of mercury gas or solids exposure

to your work area.

No More ballasts to worry about changing -ever.
* The cost of LEDs have dropped to the point where the cost benefit of doing fluorescent over LED is now negligible.

* LED’s Do Not Give Off Harmful UV Radiation & RF Radiation -will not fade paint, wood, or fabric.

* LED’s run cooler so you will see reduced Air conditioning costs over energy saver metal halides.

* Never a Need for a Hazmat Cleanup in Your Home Or Place Of Business for Simply Dropping a Light Bulb.

* No mercury ends up in a landfill or in someones soil or well water.


Just One Fluorescent Tube Has Enough Mercury to Poison 6,000 Gallons of Water beyond Safe Drinking Levels

Note: The second most toxic heavy metal known to man, mercury

is becoming a severe health hazard found in our air, drinking

water and oceans. It’s estimated that yearly four tons of

mercury ends up in US landfills from improperly discarded HID

lamps. We at LED Enviroworks are working to change that.

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