Business Owners and Managers

Are You a Business Owner or Manager Who Wants to Cut Costs, and Help the Planet, With LED Lights?
With power costs increasing, and environmental policies gaining more attention than ever before, LED lighting is the perfect technology at the perfect time for a lot of business owners and managers. Not only do most of the lighting systems we create at LED Enviroworks pay for themselves within two years or less, but they can be retrofitted into existing fixtures for easy installation.
Given the chance to save thousands on energy bills and eliminate the hazardous materials that come with UV tubes, why wouldn’t you want to make the switch? At LED Enviroworks, we give you all the benefits of a high-quality LED lighting system, plus:
• A review of your current lighting systems, energy costs, and business needs.
• LEDs manufactured in the United States and backed by our five-year warranty.
• Included reviews of potential utility rebates and tax incentives.
• The ability to add wireless control systems to further reduce your energy costs.
• A free LED budgeting and analysis study before you agree to work with us.
Wondering what kind of difference LED lighting could make in your company? Don’t struggle through online forms or endless catalogs – contact us today at 303-810-6867 to schedule a free consultation with one of our LED lighting experts.

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